Anonymity Network Detector

Tor Standalone: false Tor Browser: false

What is this?

AnonDetect is a simple script inspired by a test for social media logins.

This script detects if you have Tor, I2P, I2P-Bote, Freenet, Perfect Dark, IPFS, or ZeroNet running on your system, by requesting images from their web interfaces.

This uses no server side code.

If you are using the Tor Browser Bundle, you are protected from this because localhost connections are blocked.

Note for Freenet users: You can prevent this and more serious attacks on Freenet by configuring Freenet to act as a proxy, see these instructions by Arne Babenhauserheide.

Identifying localhost/LAN web services using techniques similar to this is one of many ways websites can fingerprint you, even when you are using a VPN service.

Note: Tor/Tor Browser can only be detected if you are using Firefox. If anyone has a work around for this, please let me know.

Note #2: Firefox blocks some active mixed content used by this project when the parent page (this page) is on a secure (https) website.

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(Yes, I know ZeroNet & IPFS are not "anonymity" networks, but I still felt that they fit here).